Financial Analysis with AI-Powered Insights

Midas is the first AI tool specialised in qualitative financial analysis, designed to supercharge your analysts. Transform your research process and cut down analysis time from days to minutes, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Unlock a New Era of Financial Analysis Tailored for Hedge Funds, Banks, and Financial Institutions.

Trained by Hedge Fund Pros

Midas is designed to think like an analyst. Our platform is trained by hedge fund professionals to mimic the logic and decision-making of industry experts, continuously learning the unique dynamics of each business.

Connect the Dots Between Numbers and Narrative

Go beyond mere numbers with Midas. Midas specialises in trend analysis and qualitative assessment, offering a comprehensive view of your investment landscape. Unlike other AI tools, Midas thinks, it doesn't guess, uncovering the meaning in unstructured qualitative data.

More Than Just A ChatBot

Midas is not just another fancy AI search engine or ‘GPT for X'. We are an AI-first platform trained by ex-hedge fund managers to think like a professional analyst. Get actionable, predictive insights in custom reports tailored to your specific needs.

Unrivaled Efficiency and Accuracy

Midas provides full transparency, allowing you to look under the hood and audit the AI yourself. Work with confidence that the information you get is reliable and trustworthy.
Integrate directly into your current apps and workflows, eliminating tedious, manual processes.

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